Case Study One

The client

Our client works in partnership with the NHS to deliver an enhanced free, safe, and supportive maternity service in the heart of local communities.

You have your own personal midwife throughout your entire pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. Approachable and knowledgeable, The midwifes are experts in maternity care and are able to respond to the unique needs and concerns of each mother and family – nurturing open, honest relationships along the way.

Our client developed this new approach to free maternity care because they believe that every woman has the right to receive the maternity care they choose and the opportunity to enjoy a more empowering and satisfying pregnancy, birth and postnatal experience. As such they required an IT solution that would enhance and support the way they work as an organisation and meet the remote working needs of their midwifes.

Project requirements

  • Enable the midwife to have access to the most recent up-to-date patient information

  • Allow the midwife to update patient information with the main database daily

  • Allow the midwife to remain in the field/mobile

  • Allow the midwife to order blood tests and communicate with Doctors and Hospitals etc

  • Alert the midwife in a discreet manor if the client has personal issues such as drugs, alcohol and domestic abuse

  • Correlate government data

Key features and benefits:

  • Light portable device for ease of use and carriage

  • Simple graphical user interface for the database

  • Ability to link with both WIFI and 3G and to provide access to information when offline

  • ‘On demand’ transfer of information

  • Powerful and secure yet easy to manage back end

  • Robust backup system

The solution

CS Systems delivered a solution based on an iPad based mobile device with a bespoke database linking to an Apple server with offsite backup via a tape unit.