Until recently, most SME businesses ran their own mail server in-house on a single machine. If that mail server ever stopped working or developed technical issues, most companies would be looking at a 4-hour response to site from an IT support company – plus the repair time on top – before they could continue sending and receiving messages.

Every year, these companies faced big support costs for their mail server and, every few years, the replacement costs of the hardware. Over a 5-year period, this could amount to many thousands of pounds.

Hosted email from CS Systems

Thankfully, today there is an alternative to in-house mail servers. CS Systems offers a professional hosted email solution, which allows our customers to benefit from up-to-date hardware and software held in a high-security custom built data centre.

Our email service includes all of the following:

  • Email with webmail access

  • Contact lists

  • Shared calendars

  • Instant messaging

  • Email Archiving

  • Built in anti-virus support*

  • Support for Windows 8

  • Broad mobile device support

Prices from £4.95 per month for 5GB mailbox

A business-class spam and virus filtering service is available at an additional cost.

When you choose CS Systems for hosted email, your contacts and messages will be constantly backed up in our state-of-the-art data centres. None of the following will cost you anything to maintain:

  • Custom air-conditioned environment

  • Secure building

  • Monitored servers

  • Backup email server

  • Redundant High Speed connection to the internet

  • No yearly support charge (covered in the monthly price)

  • No replacement capital costs (covered in the conthly price)

  • Multiple power sources

Email too critical to run in-house

In this day and age, your email is your company’s most critical operational tool. How long could you afford for your system to be down with your company unable to send or receive email? Cut off from the rest of the world, what kind of impression would this give your customers?

Take the worry out of maintaining the most productive tool in your company and host your email with CS Systems.