Data is the lifeblood of any organisation. Emails, files, invoices, financial records, customer information, databases and documents all go to make up the critical data without which most of us could not operate.

“It’s essential for business-critical information to be backed up regularly allowing your business to continue functioning in the event of hardware failure or theft.”

Storing backup data offsite offers a cost-effective, efficient and more reliable alternative to traditional tape back-up solutions. There is no capital outlay and installation can be completed in minutes.

Offsite backup from CS Systems

Providing comprehensive protection, convenience and peace-of-mind, our secure offsite data back-up solutions feature automated daily back-ups, centrally managed multiple data replication and low monthly costs.

CS Systems offer a choice of five service levels suitable for a variety of data back-up and storage requirements and budgets. These are:

1)   Offsite Back-up to CS Systems Data

  • Nightly encrypted offsite data back-up to CS Systems offices

2)   Offsite Back-up (with Remote Access)

  • Nightly encrypted offsite data back-up to CS Systems offices

  • Synchronisation of data

  • ‘Read only’ access available upon request should main server fail

3)   Cloud server for small businesses

  • Access to Internet hosted server for file storage

  • Daily back-up of data

4)   Offsite Archive

  • Back-up once a month

  • Data can be encrypted or not

5)   Offsite Continuous Data Protection

  • Offsite mirror of your main server

  • Near real-time backup should your main server go down

From £99 ex VAT for 500GB*

*monthly charged based on service level 1

Quotes available in excess of 5TB. For more information contact Barbara or Adrian today on 0161 872 0921.