The client
Studio Liddell are highly respected 3D animation company that regularly collaborates globally with some of the most respected agencies, brands, broadcasters and entrepreneurs to create award winning content.

They have also helped craft a number of popular and well-loved kids TV programs for mobile, tablet, on-line and broadcast applications. Their portfolio includes children’s TV hits such as Rory the Racing Car, Sky Babies, and Little Charley.

Project requirements

  • Double the size of their network
  • Install a new larger storage solution to cope with Studio Liddell’s requirements now and in the future
  • Create a network that could cope with the push and pull of extremely large animation files to and from the animation terminals
  • Create a network that could cope with a large render farm, allowing the rendering of completed work whilst not impacting on the day to day work of the animation terminals.
  • Create an onsite data back-up solution.

Key features and benefits

  • Extremely fast network infrastructure
  • Expandable managed switch that could incorporate multiple network connection types and speeds
  • Support for multiple IP ranges
  • Network speeds in excess of 40 Gbps to core system architecture
  • Provide a back-up solution of 18TB which can be removed offsite
  • A 72TB storage solution with direct connection to the core system

The solution
CS Systems set up two networks with diverse IP ranges that connected back to the storage server via a 40 Gbps network utilising both 1Gbps and 10Gbps connections over copper with the facility to provide fiber to the desk as required.

The 72TB storage solution was replicated to multiple systems onsite in addition to core production files backing up to an 18TB native removable solution enabling a backup to be stored in a geographically diverse location.

As a business we have a diverse range of large and small clients covering sectors including education, manufacturing, digital and creative and professional services, as well as companies offering extremely niche products and services. This provides us with a broad frame of reference in both Apple and PC systems across a range of core services.

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